2 Day Group Ombré Eyebrow Training Payment Plan

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2-Days 6D Ombré Eyebrow Training Payment Plan.


1. Starter Kit includes: needles, brow pencil, No. 2 pencil, Tina Daves pigment, pigment cups, spoolies, micro brushes, sticker rulers, practice skins & cotton pads.
2. Wireless Machine with cord and charger
3. Consent Forms
4. Before & After Care instructions
5. List of all products needed
6. Certification
7. Marketing & Promotion
8. Continued support

Will Cover:
1. Sanitation
2. Skin Integrity
3. Brow Mapping
4. Color Theory (Tina Davis)
5. Hand Positioning with the correct amount of pressure
6. Shading Technique
7. Set Up and Break Down Process
8. Hands on Practice Day 2 (Model included)


2 Day Training Payment Plan Requires An Initial Payment Of $575 & The Remaining Balance Is Split Into 3 Additional Payments of $575 Every 2 Weeks Over 6 Weeks Interest Free

The Total Cost For Training Is $2300


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