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A Natural Beautie has been chosen by readers and editors of The Georgia-Business Journal as an award recipient in the 2023 Best of Georgia winner in the Permanent Make-up Clinics category Being recognized as a Best of Georgia Awards.

A Natural Beautie finished in these categories: Best of Georgia winner in the Permanent Make-up Clinics category Being recognized as a Best of Georgia winner is a huge achievement, as less than 10% of Georgia businesses receive this prestigious accolade.


For Those Who Don’t Know What 6D Ombré Microshading Eyebrows Are It’s A More Defined Eyebrow To Simulate A Powder Eyebrow Fill In. It Looks Like Beautiful Natural Makeup. Shading Is Done By Using A Small Wireless Hand Held Tool Which Is Totally Pain Free. Results Typically Last 1-3 Years Depending On Your Skin Type & Your Activity Level

Customize Shape

You will get the perfect brow shape here at ANB. There’s NO one size fit all brows done here. We will go with the natural shape of your brows, your bone structure and what’s best for your facial features.

Customize Color

We specialize in custom brow colors. We do NOT do black brows. We personalize each person’s brows according to your skin complexion, your hair color and your desired outcome.

Brow Maintenance

We give you a gift packet with all your after care instructions including a picture that illustrates the the healing process day by day. Everyone’s healing time and process will be different.



Do You Have Thin Eyebrows? Are You Tired Of Drawing On Your Brows Every Day? Or Do You Just Need That Perfect Natural Shape To Your Brows? Here At A Natural Beautie We Have The Perfect Solution To Your Problem!

We Also Offer 1:1 And Small Group Trainings Taught By Me A Licensed Professional Nurse Of 24 Years With 6 Times Certifications From Advanced Trainings In Ombré Microshading From California, Texas, Chicago & Atlanta x3